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About Us

Mon Amie Amy is a lifestyle store featuring women and men’s apparel, jewelry, home décor, baby & specialty gifts, wedding, gourmet foods and much much more. Entertaining has always been my passion. Getting dressed up, wearing beautiful clothing and jewelry, and sending my guest home having not just a night out at Amy’s but an experience they will not forget. I have always loved planning fabulous tablescapes no matter what holiday or festivity, adding fresh or dried flowers to the napkins or presenting a charcuterie board smoked with aromas from my cocktail smoker. Lighting up the house with an array of beautiful candles and making new and creative cocktails go a long way in setting the party's mood. It’s all about the presentation! I look forward to my friends and neighbors coming by the store and enjoying the experience. When you leave you tell your friends... "That's My Friend Amy”
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Mon Amie Amy is now online! Shop our store from the comfort of your home or come on in and experience us in person. We now ship your favorite gifts throughout the continental U.S., delivered just as if you shipped it yourself! Allow 2 business days for handling and select your shipping speed and carrier.


We are in the Goose Creek Shopping Center next to Passion Fin. Come see us!
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42780 Creek View Plaza #115, Ashburn, Virginia 20147
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Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm Sunday 12pm - 5pm